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Many cruises offer 4 main types of cabins or staterooms (inside, outside/ocean view, balcony, and suite). I have personally been on all 3 except for a suite. Cruise goals for the next sailing!

I recently traveled on Carnival Imagination for a 4 day Baja Mexico New Years Eve cruise. At the end of this cruise, there were some things I felt compelled to review. Picking the right cabin is the first one.

Upon booking the cruise, I read some reviews of the cabins. Such reviews mention about cabin noise inside or outside, proximity to elevator or foot traffic as well as staff traffic from the galleys, and where venues are located i.e. nightclubs. As a result, I selected the forward facing starboard side inside cabin with 2 portholes.  I knew in advance that the cabin was at risk of hearing the anchor drop down when the boat is docking. I was prepared and it wasn’t a deal breaker.

What I was not prepared for was the other noises. I couldn’t determine the nature or cause of the noise but it was loud throughout the night and early morning and sometimes even during the day.

In addition, the spaciousness of the room compared to previous inside cabins I have booked was surprising, Perhaps it was the specific location of the cabin that allowed for walking room around the cabin and around the side and end of the bed. Unlike some inside cabins on other ships which run smaller than Carnival, it was nice to know that I did not feel boxed in during my cruise vacation.

Lesson Learned:

Location, Location, Location. It’s common phrase used in real estate and it’s applicable to cruise industry as well. The ports you visit matter and so does where you sleep. Take the necessary time to research your cabin’s placement on the ship (or you can ask me for a nominal fee).

For those who may be prone to sea sickness, middle of the ship is best and lowest desk possible. If you have concerns about being claustrophobic in your own cabin, I recommend a balcony or higher stateroom. If you’re a light sleeper, stay away from rooms that are under nightclubs, near elevators, stairs, Lido Deck or event the cruise staff galleys.

Advice on how to handle the intruding noises:

  • Drink until you pass out! Just kidding 😉
  • Have a downloaded noise cancellation music on your phone, with speakers, and/or ear/headphones
  • Take advantage of those day time naps on the Lido decks and/or lounge seating all around ship.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances above and beyond, speak with Guest Services to see if they can move you to another room. Ships are not always booked to full capacity.

Stay tuned for my next review on older ships and cruise activities.

If you need help deciding on your next cruise vacation, feel free to reach out.

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