The travel bug began in 2005! After facing a health crisis in 2004, I started to see the world, my life and the lives of others differently. I took my first trip to Las Vegas (solo) and my first trip with a high school best friend to Cancun, Mexico (when a passport was not required). Good ‘ole days, they say! Fast forward and I have taken 7 cruises traveling to the Bahamas, Bermuda and Eastern Caribbean to date, with one on the way in the Fall of 2018. Of these cruises, I have had the pleasure of sailing with Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. They are in fact my top 3!

I have also traveled to Aruba, China, Dominican Republic as well as more popular areas such as Boston, Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Nashville, New Hampshire, and Philadelphia.

The goal is too cruise and explore more cruise lines as well as land based trips so that I may continue to offer authentic advice and consultation to clients.

With that said, having booked all of my trips on my own, learning things the “hard way”, my desire is to eliminate the stress, late nights and confusion of searching, finding and then picking the vacation that is best for your and/or your family and friends.

Cruises by Kaleena’s Korner wants to make the cruise planning process as easy as 1-2-3. First, you fill out the questionnaire and tell me what you’re looking for in your cruise experience. Second, I spend the hours doing the research for you while you get time back to spend with your loved ones or time to yourself. Third (and) final, you book the cruise vacation based on the list you receive with up to 3 choices to pick from.

Don’t miss the boat! Or the flight! Refer to this blog for your travel questions, needs and reviews.